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In the previous post, I described how to create own chart using CustomPainter. Now I will go through adding zoom effect to the diagram using GestureDetector.

Starting point

At first, let’s define our starting point. I have own StatelessWidget that contains CustomPaintwith own CustomPainter. The main widget receives a list of all entries and passes only those from last 31 days. CustomPainter gets a new list of entries and uses the main Widget’s constant number of days. What I would like to achieve is that when a user “zooms in” the X-axis (number of days) changes respectively.

If you are interested in detailed specifics, see full code.

. . .

Adding GestureDetector

The best tool to handle gestures in Flutter is (surprisingly) GestureDetector. In my case, I used two of its features: onScaleStart and onScaleUpdate. Also, I needed to changed ProgressChartto be StatefulWidget to store and change the number of days since it is not a const anymore. This is how it looks like:

How it works:

  • When zoom gesture starts I store the current number of days.
  • When zoom updates I get the scale and divide the previous number of days by it. Notice that I am changing only the current number of days, not the previous one. If I updated the starting point, the number of days would quickly go towards infinity or 0 depending on gesture.
  • I added border value so max zoom is one week.
  • At the end, I refactored ChartPainter to accept numberOfDays instead of referencing constant value.

. . .

Wrapping up

After small adjustments to bottom labels, final effect looks like this:

And that’s it! As you can see it was pretty straight forward. 🙂

If you are interested in more details, see my GitHub repository or previous post on creating charts.

If you find it interesting, have any questions or think you can do it better, please leave a comment! 🙂

Cheers! 🙂

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