Thanos Snap Effect in Flutter

Have you ever woken up and thought “How awesome would it be to create Thanos snap effect in Flutter”? Probably not. Well… following Google’s Easter Egg I did. 🙂 And I’ve found out that no one did it in Flutter yet so why not give it a try! In this post, I will explain how I created a Thanos snap effect coming from Avengers: Infinity War movie. Enjoy 🙂

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Advanced transitions – UI Tickets Challenge

As developers, we have always get into situations where the designers require some fancy transitions which look awesome on the design but are extremely difficult to implement. Being Flutter developer makes it different, makes it fun because we have tools to do it! To prove it in this post, I will continue implementing awesome Buy Tickets design by Dldp and add bottom sheet transitions!

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Parallax effect in PageView – UI Tickets Challenge

Parallax effects are awesome. Having elements move in the different speed during scrolling can easily provide the unique feeling for the application and they can make the user think that your app is well-polished. In this post, I will try to achieve parallax effect using PageView, Transforms, Alignments and some basic math.

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How to make ripple page transition in 3 minutes using Flutter

Flutter makes beautiful animations easy. That’s the fact. What is also the fact is that we as developers are scared to push our apps to the next level by adding those minor animations that make the app beautiful instead of just pretty. Let’s change it together! In this post, I’d like to show you how we can add a ripple effect that may make your client say “I like that!”.

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Shared Element Transition in Flutter

Hello there! Some time ago a friend of mine showed me an article and asked me if I can do Shared Element Transitions in Flutter. The first thought that came into my mind was “Simple, Heroes!” but when I looked closely, I’ve noticed that the transition in that article occurs in one page, so Hero transitions wouldn’t work in that case. In this post I will use AnimationControllers, Overlays and Rects to get the same result.

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