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MOFA Qatar

Travel | Government

MOFA Qatar is an app we have developed for Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We have worked together to deliver visual and experience update to the existing application. The app provides important traveling information for both Qatari citizens as well as tourists visiting Qatar. We’ve been able to provide a premium feeling for both English and Arabic users.

50,000+ Users

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One million tweet map

Social Media | Maps

One million tweet map is a demo app showing the power of Maptimize engine. The app shows locations of most recent tweets in real time! Using the Maptimize API, we are able to show both instances of every new tweet, as well as cache tweets from last 24 hours. In the app you can also search for people, hashtags or any key phrases and take a sneak peek on the tweets.

See the web version at https://onemilliontweetmap.com

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One Million Tweet Map screenshot
Apposites screenshot



Apposites is an application created to help people make key decisions in their lives with the confidence of not missing any important points. The app allows users to set up criteria and then compare different options against them with help of our customized scoring system. As Fidev, we have created an MVP app designed for initial testing and market research.

To see the app contact apposites.studio@gmail.com



mPassbok is an app created for a Software company in India.
The app is meant for internal usage and it is designed to help users manage their saving accounts. It uses REST api provided by the client as well as Flare animations created by our team.

Weight Tracker

Lifestyle | Fitness

Weight Tracker is our first app released to Google Play. The application was created for people too busy to count calories or type in every meal they eat and prefer simple way to keep an eye on their weight.

1,000+ Downloads

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Super Simple Budget


Super Simple Budget is exactly what the name says. It is very straight-forward app for managing your daily expenses. It was created for a friend who needed simple way to track his spendings on gas. Now anyone who needs a simple tool for budgeting can find it here.

1,000+ Downloads

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