We Are A Group of Passionate

Flutter Developers

What brings us together is not only passion for software development and experience in Flutter framework but also willingness to share what we create with the community to help other make beautiful apps.

What We Do

It’s simple. We make beautiful apps. Always. As young enthusiasts we want to help people create the experience for their customers they need. We offer our customers possibility to engage with the end users like never before. Having been working in Flutter for over 2 years has lead us to the spot where we know, that whatever designer creates, we can make it real. We also believe that caring is sharing. That’s why on our blog we show other developers how to use advanced Flutter techniques and make beautiful apps.


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Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

We make beautiful apps. Always. Our goal is to deliver the apps that will distinguish among all the other apps on the user’s phone. From our perspective the biggest constraint is our creativity.

Extreme Ownership

We take responsibility for everything that affects us. We don’t let things pass by, we care about every detail of our work to deliver high quality products with the end user in mind.


Mobile development is our passion which we try to develop even further on this blog. We are eager to keep working and extending our knowledge in all areas that can bring value to our clients.


We believe in full transparency between parts of a deal. We like to say thing like they are and we prefer dealing with hard truth than drifting in sweet lies.


What We Offer

We focus on mobile app development. That’s what we are good at. If you want or already have a mobile app and want to make it beautiful, we can help you.

FULl Mobile App Development

We can develop and publish mobile app for both Android and iOS with scalable architecture and high test coverage. Ready for AppStore and Google Play.

Rapid prototyping

Having a startup idea? Or maybe just want a prototype to show to your clients? With Flutter we can deliver basic versions of apps in no time.

UX/ui Design

Although we are mostly developers, we care about the user. That’s why we can team up to help you find out what is the best user experience for your clients.

flutter widget development

Already have a Flutter app and there are parts where you are just stuck? Let us know, we can help you deal with the difficult stuff like complex UIs.

Our Team

We start small. We go big!

Marcin Szałek

Founder & Flutter developer

Monika Szałek

Flutter Developer

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