Design challenges

We like beautiful designs and we love to make them come each time true pushing the boundaries.
Take a look at what we created and learn more about how we did it!

SY Expedition Travel

Designed by: Anton Skvartsov
Original link: SY Expedition Travel Animation

A project of an expedition app. Created in collaboration with Anton Skvartsov. This app focuses highly on reach and meaningful animations. It consists of many interactions and visual aspects that make this app beautiful.





Gallery Tickets

Designed by: Dldp
Original link: Buy Tickets

An awesome design of a ticket app. Design is composed of two beautiful aspects: parallel effects visible while swiping cards in the main view and unique elements transition in bottom navigation drawer.

BMI Calculator

Designed by: Johny Vino
Original link: BMI Calculator

A project of a BMI Calculator app designed by Johny Vino. For this project we collaborated with Johny using Sketch which resulted in very specific guidelines. Close collaboration also resulted in slightly different approach than initially designed.





Flight Search

Designed by: Johny Vino
Original link: 100 Mobile UI Interactions

Flight search is one of Johny Vino’s mobile interaction designs. It has rich animations and timely coordinated UI components entrances. Implementation of that design proves that Flutter is designed for advanced UI techniques.

Piano Tiles clone

Original link: Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 is a popular mobile game where user taps black tiles in correct order to play popular piano songs. We decided that we can easily do this using Flutter and that’s how the Piano Tiles clone was created.

Our implementation

Original game



Fliter Menu

Designed by: Anton Aheichanka
Original link: Filter Menu

Filter menu is an awesome design created by Anton Aheichanka. In the design we can find nice Floating Action Button animations alongside animated lists. This project highlights complex customization techniques which are fully supported in Flutter.

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