Flutter TabBar Example – WeightTracker 5

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In this short post, I will document how I added TabBar to my WeightTracker app.

Note: I am using Redux to populate data to view, if you are not familiar with Redux, just ignore StoreConnector widget and focus only on Builder body which can be treated like normal build function.

In order to add Tabs to the application, all I needed was to create TabBar and TabBarView and attach TabController to them. TabController will sync TabBar with TabBarView so we can have the behavior we wanted.

. . .

However, I didn’t want the title widget to stick on the top of the screen forever. To add nice hiding behavior, I introduced NestedScrollView with SliverAppBar:

And that’s it.

If you are interested in the full code shown in this post, see my GitHub repository🙂

Cheers! 🙂

Marcin Szałek

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Flutter enthusiast since Alpha release in 2017. Believes that sharing is caring, which lead him to start a technical blog dedicated fo Flutter in its early days. Loves to see beautiful designs become real apps and is willing to help make it happen. Enjoys sunny beaches far from home.

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